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Twice weekly posts giving tips on artistic things, thoughts on writing, and contemplations on evangelistic types of things!

Established May of 2022, I use this blog to reach out to you, the reader (yes, you!) to (hopefully) inspire you in your life – both physically and spiritually. I write posts about my latest art projects, I give semi-useful tips on writing, and encourage you in your walk with our wonderful Creator!

Latest Posts

Living It Out IV

I wrote a screenplay once. Granted, we never actually filmed it . . . but anyway. It was about a girl reading the news and getting really freaked out about everything terrible going on in the world. Then an angel came in and comforted her, repeating my favorite Bible verse ever: John 14:27. Peace I … Continue reading “Living It Out IV”


POSCA PENS  Am I allowed to rave for a little bit?  Ok, thanks!!!  What I choose to rave about:  Posca Pens. These. Pens. Are. AMAZING.  Period.  . . .  Ok, why am I raving about Posca Pens?  These are some of my favorite pens as of late because they WRITE ON ANYTHING.  Which can sometimes … Continue reading “POSCA PENS!!!”

Hook Here (As in Something Interesting to Grab Your Attention So You Keep Reading)

Sometimes I struggle coming up with good hooks: something at the beginning of a chapter, a book, a blog post, etc. that catches the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. Just looking through my blog posts, for example, I saw some titles that I realize now weren’t so great . . . … Continue reading “Hook Here (As in Something Interesting to Grab Your Attention So You Keep Reading)”

Living It Out III

Do you know someone who is joyful . . . all the time? I do. In fact, it’s the mom of the two children I referenced in the second part of this series – Jacob and Katy. Her name is Lydia, and she has five kids in total. She isn’t in the best of places … Continue reading “Living It Out III”


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